Movement that feels good.


You belong here if.....


  • You have never done Pilates! ​

  • You are Pilates obsessed.

  • You're searching for a way to move your body that feels more like loving it and less like beating it up.

  • You want to improve core strength and posture.

  • You want to feel the like strongest and healthiest version of yourself.

  • You're ready to commit to feeling amazing! 

  • You want to be guided in movement, but not screamed at for an hour.

  • You want to lay a strong foundation so you can go out and be a badass in all other areas of life! 


Client Testimonials




"The Pilates Underground is a great total body workout. Knowledgeable  and friendly staff give personalized attention to every participant regardless of level. The studio is sparkling clean with the latest equipment. Thanks Pilates Underground for providing a much needed niche in LF/LB Fitness scene!" - Sue V.

"Great instructors.  Small, clean space where even in a class you feel like it’s a personal session.  Instructors take the time to correct you to ensure you are getting the most out of the movements.  Super excited it’s close to work.  Have a feeling this space will be a huge hit!!!  Tell all your friends!"  -Quincy 

"I came to the Pilates Underground while visiting the Chicago area to see family. I was beyond impressed with the studio, group class structure, and the instructor. Carissa was friendly, welcoming, and really knew her stuff! I often feel like at other places I’ve been instructors aren’t able to focus on individual people’s  struggles in group classes.. But Carissa was able to give me one on one attention during this class to help me pin-point why I was struggling with specific moves. At the end of class she even gave me advice for small work outs I can do at home to help relieve some pain in my hips. I left feeling confident and motivated, and wishing I lived in the area so I could continue classes with Carissa. This was the best Pilates experience i have had so far. Definitely coming back here each time I visit!!" - Deanna

"Carissa is so talented! Extremely high-quality pilates experience— better than a day at the spa. Carissa knows how to use the stott pilates method and equipment to suit YOUR needs, this is not one-size-fits-all cookie cutter pilates! She is very accommodating to what your goals are and overall a really kind and great person to be around. So glad I found Carissa and her studio. She is one of the best instructors I’ve worked with in the Chicago, NYC and LA areas combined." -Nina

"Carissa is a fabulous instructor, very knowledgeable which is important especially when you start doing pilates. I have been taking classes with her for over a year and I love the new location and the new reformers. I would def recommend taking classes here" -Linda . 

"Brand new state of the art reformers, clean, relaxed and serene atmosphere and great instructors! Although The Pilates Underground just opened, I have been doing Pilates with Carissa for the past several months. As a lifelong athlete/runner, I was humbled by a nagging hip and low back injury that has kept me from doing the things I love for many many months now. I faithfully did my physical therapy rehab and home exercises and saw some improvement, but not enough to get me back to running. Pilates was recommended to me as additional rehabilitation by my physical therapists and doctors. Prior to kids, I had also done over 10 years of yoga, but I was told not do hyperextend or flex my joints too much with this injury and that's why Pilates was recommended to me. I have been doing private sessions with Carissa now for several months (first at her prior studio and now at Pilates Underground). She has listened to me and is quite knowledgeable about anatomy and rehab and has been very very gentle and careful with my hip and back but at that same time, has allowed me to build my strength without injury. We are at a point now that she is able to work me out harder and I am feeling really great! I have hope that I will be running again soon and now I also have the tools to protect my back through what I've learned from Pilates and Carissa. I have started taking group reformer classes at the new studio and Gigi is wonderful too. The instructors have different styles but I like that as I get a different work out and it mixes thing up. The instructors will take the time to adjust you even in the group classes. I am used to really "hard" work outs and Pilates is no joke - it's different than say a high intensity interval work out, but you will be sore for days (and sleep great)! Carissa and her staff are knowledgeable, professional, and personable. Combine that with the awesome "tight" new reformers, and you'll get a great and therapeutic work out." - Elizabeth . 



Come experience our virtual studio.   


We are a contemporary studio with a personalized approach! We recognize that everybody is different, which means our approach is personalized.    We don't just put you through a workout because that's the way it's always been done!  We assess your body, your spine, and your goals and put you through exercises that are right for you.  STOTT Pilates uses traditional exercises developed by Joesph Pilates and adjusts them with the latest research and individual bodies in mind.  Programming is designed to help restore the natural curves of the spine, strengthen the core and much more!  Meet the new total body workout, with low impact, that everyone is raving about!

Our Culture


We meet you where you are at on your movement journey.  All bodies and levels are welcome.  No judgment or competition here.  


Our goal is to empower everyone to move freely in their own body.  With the movements that are right for you, at the pace that is right for you.


All of our instructors are trained in the same method (STOTT PILATES).  You can have a consistent class experience no matter which instructor or class time works best for your schedule.  All cueing is client specific (we give cues for your body!).

Upbeat Community

We cultivate a fun and upbeat atmosphere! We enjoy what we do, and our clients do too. We know each other. We move together. We grow together.




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