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Client Profile Feature- Liz

I'm so excited for you all to meet Liz if you haven't already. She has been with me (Carissa) before The Pilates Underground was even a thought, and has been at TPU since day one. Liz is the perfect example of hard work and dedication paying off. Talk about doing it all! She works long hours, has a beautiful family, and somehow manages to fit in time to move her body in ways that make it feel healthy and stronger. All of that is so apparent in this photo. She has developed so much strength! Kind, encouraging, and down to earth, she's someone you want next to you in class!!

Read on for Liz's experience at TPU!

Why did you decide to start Pilates? As a lifelong athlete/runner, I was humbled by a nagging hip and low back injury that kept me from doing the things I love for several months. I faithfully did my physical therapy rehab and home exercises and saw some improvement, but not enough to get me back to running. Pilates was recommended to me as additional rehabilitation by my physical therapists and doctors. Prior to kids, I had also done over 10 years of yoga, but I was told not do hyperextend or flex my joints too much with this injury and that's why Pilates was recommended. What has your experience with Pilates been like?

I started by doing private sessions with Carissa (first at her prior studio and now at The Pilates Underground). She listened to me and is very knowledgeable about anatomy and rehabilitation and was very gentle and careful with my hip and back but at that same time, has allowed me to build my strength without injury. After a few months, we got to a point that I could be worked out harder which really helped. That's when I really noticed a transition. After a few more months, I was ready to slowly get out there and start running outside. This was such a long and difficult struggle for me and was very frustrating and I really thought that I would never be able to run outside again much less be able to stand at the kitchen island for longer than 10 minutes while making dinner without pain. We are at a point now where I am running again which I am so grateful for. While I am still benefiting from all over strengthening/flexibility/core work, we are now doing some really fun more advanced moves that are killer but fun to try out no matter how funny I look! What would you tell someone who is considering taking our group reformer classes?

While I still love private, one on one sessions with Carissa, I really love the group reformer classes. Carissa will take the time to adjust you or give you tips so you still get the attention you need. The classes are not large enough for you to get "lost in the shuffle" but just large enough to have a sense of camaraderie. Everyone I have ever met in the classes has been nothing but supportive and friendly. I am used to intense cardio/strength workouts and Pilates is no joke - it's different than a high-intensity interval workout, but muscles you didn't even know you had will be sore for days (in the best way possible). While it takes a bit to figure out the Pilates postures/alignment, once you "get it," you will have the tools for life to protect your back, hips, or whatever ails you. At my other work out classes, sometimes, I swap out certain core exercises that I know are bad for my low back and do Pilates core instead or work on my glutes/hips. The reformers are all brand new and the springs are "tight" which also helps for a more challenging work out. I feel that Pilates is an ideal and necessary adjunct to my exercise regimen in order to keep me feeling strong, healthy, and prevent further injury. I honestly feel that Pilates will be a part of my life long term. After giving birth 3 times in 4 years while still running and doing more intense workouts really did a number on me. I had gotten away with it the first 2 kids, but I was that much older and that many more times pregnant. My joints were a lax mess. I thought I could go back to working out postpartum like I did before. That's how I injured myself. With what I know now, I would recommend that every post partum person do Pilates for at least 3-6 months to get the core going again before going back to running or more high intensity workouts. It's just so important and I almost feel like I'm in a cult the way I talk about it. But Pilates really was a life changer! I think anyone who has chronic pain or injuries or anyone who wants to prevent injury, needs to do Pilates - so that pretty much means everyone! Convinced yet? Finally, Carissa is knowledgeable, professional, personable and really knows her stuff. She really knows what she is doing and will heal you AND make you stronger.

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