• Carissa Floyd

Don't Pay for Back Pain

I'm going to say something that might not be something a Pilates studio owner should be writing about. But this topic has come up so many times in the last month and it truly makes me so sad.

"Don't Pay for Back Pain! "

I get clients from all over! Often they have had prior Pilates experience. The best and worst feedback I have gotten recently is that their back was hurting during their prior Pilates sessions at other studios. I've had many clients have a lightbulb moment, realizing that their back should not hurt at all during Pilates, and that they could take it one step further and have a Pilates experience that resulted in their back feeling amazing! To be clear... your back shouldn't feel worse when you do Pilates! If your back is feeling awful while you are doing your session, stop. Speak up. If your instructor is rigid with where your pelvis needs to be, despite your back pain, find a new instructor. If your instructor has never helped you find a safe place to be with your pelvis, find a new instructor. If your back pain is constant, you may need to find a doctor and take a break from Pilates. Taking things back a step further, there are many different schools now within the Pilates world. In addition, every instructor has their own unique language, personal experience with Pilates, way of teaching etc. I think that is amazing!!! One of the big differences amongst different methods of Pilates is Imprint vs. Neutral Spine. There is something to be learned from each method! If you know me, you know that I fall in the Neutral Spine camp. But even more important than that, I fall in the, "every client's back should feel amazing every session" camp. That takes priority to me over imprint vs. neutral. I do think that Pilates instructors can get so caught up in technique that we forget we are working with real bodies, who are all different , and are experiencing the Pilates repertoire uniquely in their own body. I can see alot, and interpret what I think you are feeling, but I can't be in your head with you and feel what each move feels like. This means that I ask clients constantly, "how does this feel", "what do you feel". And if the answer has even a twinge of back pain associated with it, we change their position and find a spot that feels amazing.... even if it's not textbook neutral or imprint. I'm not a financial advisor, but I do have an opinion about paying for Pilates. That is, don't spend money on things that make your body feel worse!

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