• Carissa Floyd

Meet Samantha

What was the moment that you decided, "I’m going to do Pilates”?

Pilates was always something I had an interest in trying but it wasn't until after having a baby that I decided to go for it.  I wanted something low impact with results that would help me feel strong again.

What did you expect Pilates to be like? What was it actually like?

I expected it to take me a lot longer than it did to get from needing one on one, personal training to be able to keep up in a moderate level class.  Everything connected really quickly and then I really enjoyed the community in class.

What would you tell someone thinking about doing Pilates at TPU?

DO IT!  Not only are the teachers amazing but the other clients as well.  It is a friendly, no judgment, come as you are, build your skills comfortably type of place.  It is a joy to take a class! 

Anything else you want to share? 

I immediately found that the classes were having an impact on my strength especially my core.  I felt stronger not only while doing Pilates but in my everyday life.  I think it is a workout routine that you can stick to and it is easy to do some of the exercises at home for those non class days.  My experience has really been uplifting.

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